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In BESCOM, Enumeration of IP sets and DTCs in GIS had been awarded to M/S Enzen Global Solutions Pvt. Ltd. In four Circles, namely, BRC(BRC and Ramanagara), Kolar, Tumkur and Davanagere Circles to know the actual assets i.e IP sets and DTCs in the field in 2 phases, Part II (a) and Part II (b).
  • Part II (a) involves Data collection, Enumeration, Validation and Digitization and uploading to web: period - 9 months
  • Part II (b) - Support/Maintenance of software, enumerated and digitized assets, newley added/removed assets - period - 18 months.
The locations of IPs and DTCs are uploaded on google map for proper identification of the assets and to achieve the following benefits.
  • To know the actual numbers of IP sets and Distribution transformers
  • To view the details of enumerated IP sets and DTCs (Click on "Guest")
  • To have the accountability of the IP sets in our books of accounts and to claim subsidy from GoK.
  • To know the actual numbers of authorized IP sets and unauthorized IP sets
  • To acertain the actual load of each IP sets
  • To know the number of IP sets connected to transformers
  • To assess the AT & C losses of feeders
  • To have the quality of service to all farmers by strengthening the distribution system
  • To know the location of IP sets in water depleted areas.

Number of IP sets and DTCs enumerated in four circles as on 16-October-2020 are as follows:

Circles DWA No. and date Awarded Quantity of Assets as per DWA Enumerated, digitized
and uploaded assets
DTC IP Total DTC IP Total
Tumkur 5012-26/ 31.10.2013 25,403 201,171 226,574 37410 268826 306236
Davangere 5027-42/ 31.10.2013 31,673 183,395 215,068 38827 275174 314001
Kolar 4996-5011/ 31.10.2013 23,094 160,155 183,249 31252 197458 228710
BRC 4980-95 on 31.10.2013 27,448 138,763 166,211 43648 168706 212354
Total 107,618 683,484 791,102 151137 910164 1061301